you get some wood ( fancy wood ) fore the boat and get any material

you get some wood ( fancy wood ) fore the boat and get any material

The ship that didnt make it was called the?
The Titanic.

Did William Taft make a statement about the titanic sinking?
Yes,He was on board of the ship and president when the Titanic sank.

Did they make another Titanic called Titanic 2?
yes last year but with all of today technology the titanic 1 was just ship

Is the Titanic a cat or a ship?
The Titanic was a ship.

Will they make a Titanic 2?
if your talking about the movie no but they already made a new titanic after the titanic sank they built a ship like the titanic accept it was different and its name was britaanic

What made Titanic so grand?
No expense was spared to make sure that Titanic would be the greatest ship in the world.

Why was Titanic named the wonder ship Titanic?
It wasn’t called the wonder ship titanic it is called the ship of dreams

Is Titanic fake?
The ship in the movie is not Titanic, but of course Titanic was a real ship.

Did anyone on the Titanic make a raft?
There is no evidence that anyone who was on the Titanic built a raft. In fact, there was very little time between the point when the ship hit the iceberg and when the ship sank.

Why is the ship called Titanic?
It was a ship of Titanic proportions

Was the Titanic inspired by another ship?
no it was its own ship and it was made by people trying to make the biggest boat ever

Will they make a titanic 2 if jack had lived?
We’ll, as Totanic was about the ship, and as the ship sank, it’d be a bit difficult…

What was the Titanic known as the ship of?
the titanic was thought to be the ship of dreams

Is titanic was the biggest ship?
Titanic was the largest ship in 1912.

Will they make make a Titanic 2?
they did aleardy it is about a ship that looks like titanic is sailing in the the sea and like some big waves hit it and tries to make ot sink but it did not.but to me it sounds like they are making fun of titanic.

Is the Titanic a boat or ship?
Titanic was a ship. By definition, you can launch a boat from a ship but you can’t launch a ship from a boat.

What was the fourth funnel on the Titanic?
It was put there to make the ship look more balanced.

Did thomas Andrews make the titanic sink?
No, he designed the ship based on what he thought the passengers needed and what by the law that in place at the time of the ship’s building. The number of lifeboats the ship had was not based on the number of people the ship could carry but the tonnage of the ship. The Titanic actually had more lifeboats that it was required to carry. He was only on Titanic to try to find things…

What is the official name of the titanic ship?
The official name of Titanic is RMS Titanic. (Royal Mail Ship)

What are opinions on the Titanic?
Titanic was a beautiful ship. Titanic was the grandest ship in the world. In my opinion, i agree with those.

What was the color of the Titanic ship?
The colour of the Titanic ship is Black and white

Is the smallest ship the Titanic?
Titanic was the largest ship of its kind when it was built

What was the name of the ship closer to the Titanic?
The ship closer to the titanic was the Californian

What is the ship Titanic?
The titanic is a ship that sank in the early 1900`s!

Is the Titanic a he or a she?
… Titanic is not a he or a she it is a ship.

Was the Titanic a cruise ship?
yes the titanic was a cruise ship, because when the titanic sunk it was in the middle of the cruise. and when the titanic was sinking the staff had to get all the passengersof the titanic safely.

Was the Titanic a real ship?
Yes, the Titanic was a real ship, and yes it sank.

Was the titanic the biggest ship in britain?
Titanic, in her time, was the largest ship in the world.

Where did the ship Titanic was sailing?
the was sailing ship titanic where to sailing was new york

What was the second ship after the titanic?
the second ship was Britannic and before titanic it was Olympic.

What ship came to the rescue of the titanic survivors?
carpathia the sister ship to the titanic

The titanic was the first ship to?
Titanic is NOT the first ship to use SOS but she was the first ship to sink after using the code.

What was the ship closest to the titanic?
The ship that was the closest when the Titanic was sinking was the RMS Carpathia, which was also the ship that rescued the survivors

Why was the titanic ship built?
to make money for its owners by transporting people across the Atlantic

Did they make a new titanic ship?
nope, not yet (: rumours say, maybe in 2015

Who is the creator of the Titanic ship?
The head designer of the Titanic was Thomas Andrews who worked for Harland and Wolf the ship builders of the Titanic.

When was the titanic the biggest ship?
Titanic was the largest ship in the world in 1912., the Edwardian era.

Is the Titanic the biggest ship ever build in the world?
It was the largest ship built AT THAT TIME. Larger ships have been built since then.

First ship to reach the stricken titanic?
Carpathia was the FIRST ship to reach, Titanic.

Does Titanic mean ship?
No, Titanic means massive, as it was the biggest ship in the world at its time

Why did the iceberg make holes in the ship Titanic?
Because ice is harder than steel, and because the captain of the Titanic was driving way too fast.

Is the Titanic a real ship?
Yes, the Titanic is a real ship. Have you not seen the newspapers and the footage from the recent discovery of the sunken ship?

Was there another ship called Titanic?
No there was no other ship called titanic but there was a ship called titan which sank before titanic right where titanic sank and was also hit by the same iceberg and also was hit at the same time the titanic was at 11:40 p.m.

How many punctures did the iceburg make in the Titanic?
The titanic made one big puncture, then the ship sank under the water. The titanic had twenty lifeboats, and if all of them were full half of the people on the titanic could have been rescued.;)

Which was bigger Titanic or Britannic Titanic?
There was no ship called Britannic Titanic; there was a White Star Line ship named Britannic. Of the two (Britannic and Titanic), the Britannic was larger.

Where did the ship oliympic go when the titanic sanc?
OIympic was too far away to make a difference.

Why did they build a ship named the Titanic?
they built a ship named the titanic because they felt like it.

How the famous ship titanic sank on its first voyage?
how the ship Titanic sanks on its first voyage

What sister ship of the Titanic made the record time to America?
The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic.

Is the Titanic the largest ship in the world?
The Titanic used to be the largest ship, but now there are bigger ones

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