There is one for sale (similar) $225

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 52 made?
I just purchased a Kenmore model 52 and the original owner( I am only the second owner!) kept everything! Even the original sales receipt(it was a wedding present!) The machine was purchased new in Ohio Feb. 1964, and the total was paid along with the cabinet, attachments, and sales tax was$152.39. You Tube has a good short video on what this machine can do! Happy sewing!!

What model Sears Kenmore sewing machine was originally in cabinet 566.91002?
I just found this cabinet at a Goodwill with model #5186 Sears Kenmore sewing machine inside.

How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model 49 with a wood sewing machine cabinet worth?
Don’t know the value, but I just managed to get this exact thing – cabinet and all at Goodwill for $25. The machine works but has no original accessories or manual included.

How much is a Kenmore model 1218 sewing machine with built in wood cabinet front door chair and accessories worth?
I just bought a Kenmore 1218 in a plastic carrying case in excellent condition for $100 in Washington State. It did not come with accessories or a wood cabinet, it did have its original manual.

How much is 1938 singer cabinet sewing machine?
I have a 1938 electric singer sewing machine with cabinet and seat with most of the attachments and bobbins. What is my machine worth please.

What year was the 158.850 Kenmore sewing machine made?
I bought my Kenmore 185.850 March 1966 new from Sears. I still have it and the attachments and the attachment manual. I need the manual so I can oil my machine.

What is the value of Kenmore 117.141 Sewing machine?
Kenmore Model 117.141 with a motor that runs and a good cabinet is worth $30.00 to me. A machine that old is bound to had some issues.

What year was the Sears Kenmore Model 158 161 sewing machine made?
My mother gave me her old cabinet machine, Sears Kenmore Model 158, and in the manual she wrote the date 12-2-1968. This date is found inside the cabinet.

How old is a Kenmore Sewing Machine model 158.904 with a wood sewing machine cabinet?
It is my understanding that this machine, the 158.904 was manufactured in 1987 in Canada

Can you convert an old cabinet model 158 17550 Kenmore sewing machine into a portable machine?
Yes, you can take them out of the cabinet by loosening two grub screws that hold the machine on two posts. If the machine has a foot control, you are all ready to use it as a table top model. You can also put it in a Kenmore carrying case. Kenmores are a different size than other machines, so they have to go in a Kenmore carrying case or cabinet. If the machine has a…

What is the value of a 1953 pfaff 230 sewing machine?
Upstate New York Craigslist found and purchased $75. Pfaff 230 in very good condition from original owner’s family with original desk style cabinet, many attachments included plus the optional work lamp. Meanwhile, in my internet searches of the machine I saw a refurbish-er successfully selling them for more than $600. plus shipping costs without cabinet.

What is the age of a Kenmore sewing machine model 158882 with self storing cabinet and matching storage chair?
it is a 1959 Kenmore Tri-Span 88 Model 88. It was the Elite top of the line sewing machine for it’s day made by Janome in Japan.

How do you use presser foot on old Kenmore sewing machine 117-959?
Under the cabinet there is an arm that you your knee to push on.

What is the value of a 1939 Singer sewing macine built in a cabinet?
The sewing machine itself sells for $1,025 average, and the cabinet sells for $40,000+. One man in California sold his for $201,000. There were only 1,000 made in that year. Good luck selling and remember, look out for fakes. If you have all the original needles and all attachments, you have a lot of money on you hands. Sincerely, Rick Chang Sewing Machine Expert

How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model 54 worth?
I have a Kenmore sewing machine model 54 that was given to me as a gift in 1974. It is in working condition, has extra bobbins, and comes in a cabinet. Please let me know if anyone has any interest as I am looking to get rid of…contact me at

What is your Kenmore sewing machine worth?
kenmore sewing machine model# 3851264280 what is it worth

How much is a Kenmore 117.552 Sewing machine with manuals attachments and cabinet model 117.323 worth in excellent condition?
The 117.552 Kenmore sewing machine in good condition, still in the cabinet sales for around $250.00. I have seen several all for about that same price. I bought one of them myself. It has been awesome! It comes with attachements that can do anything the new models can. The thing that makes the older one better is that it is heavy-duty enough to go through 2 layers of leather without batting an eye. The modern…

How old is a Kenmore sewing machine model 117-95 with cabinet?
Kenmore-branded sewing machines have been around for a long time, although sometimes offered sporadically. Since Kenmore is a brand name used by Sears Roebuck–now Sears–to identify the appliances it sells, the manufacturers have varied over the years. For 20 years, from 1938 to 1958, the White Sewing Machine Company produced every Kenmore sewing machine. Since then, Sears has contracted with different manufacturers to make its sewing machines, mostly for economic reasons.

Where can you get a manual for Kenmore Sewing Machine MODEL 158.14000?
what year was the kenmore machine 158.14000 made?

How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model 1410 and cabinet worth?
I have one and would be VERY interested in buying your’s for parts if it is still available? Vicki @

How much is a antique Kenmore Sewing Machine model E-6354 inside wood cabinet worth?
Maybe $50 there were MANY made after WWII, glut on the market

How much is an old Kenmore sewing machine model number 566 3242 worth?
I just bought a Kenmore 566 3242 in good condition, accessories, in the cabinet, for $19.99 at a Goodwill Store. It doesn’t have the user guide. Does yours have a user guide?

What is the age of a Kenmore 148.19371 sewing machine?
The Kenmore sewing machine 148.19371 was produced from 1976 to 1977.

How do you thread a Sears Kenmore 2142 sewing machine?
Without a diagram, this is hopeless. I would suggest searching out the original manual for your machine, which will describe the capabilities and service points of your machine. Without a diagram, this is hopeless. I would suggest searching out the original manual for your machine, which will describe the capabilities and service points of your machine. Hello, I am holding the manual. It looks the same as a regular machine.I If you look at the…

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1946 made?
Kenmore sewing machine model 1946 are circa 1977

How much is a 1962 model 90 Kenmore sewing machine worth?
when was the kenmore sewing machine model 158.904 made

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 48 manufactured?
We own a Kenmore Model 48 sewing machine which we purchased new from Sears in 1964. Hope this helps. ******************************************** September 30, 2009 My Grandma got her Kenmore 48 for her 20th wedding anniversary in 1961. The owners manual (I have inherited the machine) is dated 1960. For a machine that is almost 50 years old it runs incrediably well. It came new, mounted in a decorative cabinet and even that has withstood the test…

What is the value of a Bartlett sewing machine patented in 1892?
I just paid $47.00 for a complete Bartlett machine in it’s original cabinet with all accessories and 1892 original operating manual. Excellent well cared for condition.

What is the age of Kenmore sewing machine 385-1778180?
We have been told the Kenmore sewing machine model 385-1778180 is 30 years old. I purchased my 385.1778180 Sears Kenmore sewing machine new at Sears in 1988.

How old is Kenmore sewing machine model number 1516?
I bought my Sears Kenmore sewing machine, Model 1516, in 1972.

How much is a 1961 lady Kenmore sewing machine worth model 89?
It’s a wonderful machine, and can fetch around $200 to $300. The Lady Kenmore was a top of the line machine in its day, manufactured in Germany and retailed for $239.00, which is $1441.97 in today’s market. The original ad from the fall winter Sears 1959 catelog link below. Monetary conversion link below.

What is the value of a 1948 Eldredge rotary model R40 sewing machine with all accessories in mint condition in cabnet?
I just bought an R40 in excellent condition with all accessories and attachments with a cabinet for $20.

Where did the name sears Kenmore come from?
The first appearance of the Kenmore brand washing machine almost escaped notice. The Kenmore washing machine did not show up in the venerable Sears catalog that year, and no known photograph of the 1927 washing machine with a Kenmore brand on it exists. The origin of the name Kenmore is equally vague. One suggestion is that Kenmore came from Kenmore Avenue, a prominent street in Chicago. a website the Sears Archives/a>

What is the Best economical brand washing machine?
Kenmore is good washing machine brand that is economical. You can purchase a Kenmore from Sears for about $278 dollars.

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1249 manufactured?
the Kenmore 1249 sewing machine was make in 1979-1980 tj-girl

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1802 manufactured?
I have the original bill of sale for mine from Simpson-Sears for November 14th, 1972. Hope that helps.

What is the value of a Pfaff 3.0 Select Sewing Machine?
I have a Sears Kenmore model 83 sewing machine cabinet style, model # 117831 and the patent # is 1646962. There are also these numbers on it E-6354 and 83X20205. I am not good with the compute so wondering if you could get me info. and it’s worth on it.

Where can i find the owners manual for a sears Kenmore sewing machine 158.14100?
kenmore 158.14100

What would a Singer treadle sewing machine from 1905 with a ornamental 7 drawer cabinet in good shape with sewing accessories be worth?
It really depends on where you are and how easily they are to get in the area you live. If you buy at auction you can still get them for between $25.00 and $100.00 where I live in Pennsylvania, USA. In an antique shop you’ll pay between $150.00 and about $250.00 depending on the cabinet wood condition and how elaborate the woodwork is and if the machine condition still retaines the original decals and emblems…

What is the vaule of a 1957 rare two tone Kenmore sewing machine – model 117.720?
whats the valuve of a 1957 kenmore sewing machine

Instruction book Sears Kenmore model 2142 sewing machine?
First – it appears 2142 is a style not a model. The model number is on the front in a black and silver plate under the machine but in front when you lift it from cabinet. Get that number then go to Sewing Parts Online (linked below) and order it.

When did Kenmore come out with the first washing machine?
Kenmore came out with it’s first washing machine in 1927. Kenmore produces washing machines, BBQ Grills, Microwaves, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Conditioners and Water Heaters.

What is the Janome sewing machine equivalent to the Kenmore 19233?
The equivalent of the Kenmore 19233 is Janome 115215

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1937 made?
Kenmore 1937 was made in 1976

How do you change belt of sears Kenmore sewing machine?
The belt of a Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine may break. You can replace the old belt with a new one.

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 158.840 manufactured?
I bought my Kenmore sewing machine 158.194 in 1976, so before that time I would imagine.

What is the value of a Kenmore sewing machine model number 117591?
i have no idea. I own a sears Kenmore sewing machine model # 117591. What year is it and what is the vintage value?

What would the age of your Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine be – the model 14814220?
There is not a model 14814220 for the Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine; this number is the part number.

Kenmore sewing machine model 117.581 Serial 34730 is there a manual?
Yes, I have the original instructions for the machine. I don’t know the serial number. I do have it written down in my book that is the model # and it is also on my machine. How much are these machines worth? Please email me at Thank you.

Is there a Kenmore series 80 washing machine manual for Model 110.15862400 on line?
Kenmore washing machine model 110.15862400 stop working after feeling up with water?

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