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What 2 Major types of CT scans are performed?
CT scans with contrast, and CT scans without contrast.

How is echinococcus diagnosed?
CT Scans – MRI Scans

How do you find brain damage?
several ways – CAT scans, PET scans, ECG scans…check it up with ur doctor

Do radiologists make more money than x ray techs?
Radiologist is a medical doctor specialised in intepreting medical scans (x-ray/mri/cat etc.). Radiographer is someone who takes the actual medical scans and X-ray technician is works under the radiographer in terms of hierachy.

What metal is used in hospital scans?
Barium sulphate is used in hospital scans to show the digestive system. It is very important in CT scans.

What are staging procedures in diagnosis of lung cancer?
bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, CT scans of the chest and abdomen, MRI scans of the brain, and radionuclide bone scans.

What are the responsibilities of radiologists?
To do CAT scans and MRI scans on people so you can diagnose them with a disease

Is ATM a cell phone?
no it means automatic transaction machine. it scans your credit card and takes money out and gives it to u through the machine. it also takes debit cards.

How can pet scans determine the location of a tumor?
Many sources agree that pet scans are effective in finding cancer. These scans are said to help determine the location of tumors and whether or not they have spread.

Why would some health authorities might say yes to doing MRI scans on everyone over 40 while others said no?
some might say yes because then they will get more money and more people can be saved, while the others might say no because they will be stressed and they will be doing millions of scans every year but i think its worth it anyway.

What metal is used as a dye during CAT scans?
Barium is used as a dye during CAT scans.

Are all ct scans performed at mornings?
CT scans can be performed at any time of the day or night.

Can a CNA work in the radiology department and perform CT-Scans?
no, since CAT scans require the use of ionizing radiation, employment in this medical imaging specialization involves a number of educational and licensing requirements

What field includes CAT scans and MRI scans as diagnostic tools?
The field is known as Radiology or Diagnostic Imaging.

How is spinal stenosis diagnosed?
.Doppler scanning. X-ray images, computed tomography scans (CT scans), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Electromyography, nerve conduction velocity, or evoked potential studies.

What are computed tomography scans?
Computed tomography (CT) scans are completed with the use of a 360-degree x-ray beam and computer production of images. These scans allow for cross-sectional views of body organs and tissues.

Where can you get good manga pictures?
I’m going to assume you mean manga scans. You can find good manga scans at website

What is the name of the scientist that studies CT scans and X-rays?
A radiologist studies CT scans and X-rays.

What are computed tomography scans used for?
CT scans are used to image a wide variety of body structures and internal organs.

What can computed tomography scans show in the diagnosis of pancreatitis?
Computed tomography scans (CT scans) of the abdomen may reveal the inflammation and fluid accumulation of pancreatitis, and may also be useful when complications like an abscess or a pseudocyst are suspected.

What are radionuclide bone scans?
Radionuclide bone scans. These scans involve injecting a small amount of radioactive material into a vein. Primary tumors or cells that have metastasized absorb the radioactive material and show up as dark spots on the scan.

How do GI bleeding scans work?
Bleeding scans are based on the accumulation of radioactive material as it exits from the vessels during a bleeding episode.

Chances of getting cancer from 3 CT scans?
It is more than extremely unlikely that you can get cancer from CT scans. They are virtually harmless.

Why are bone scans ordered?
Bone scans are most frequently ordered to check whether a cancer that originated elsewhere has spread to the bones.

What type of medical imaging would best be used to diagnose epileptic seizures?
CAT scans and MRI scans are often used.

Why are parathyroid scans not recommended during pregnancy?
Parathyroid scans are not recommended for pregnant women because of the potential harm to the developing fetus.

What field includes CAT computerized axial tomography scans and MRI magnetic resonance imaging scans as diagnostic tools?
CAT scans and MRI scans are useful for a wide variety of medical investigations; the MRI in particular is very useful for neurological examinations, since it is otherwise very difficult to examine the brain in any detail. CAT scans can be used for all sorts of things, to investigate illness or injury in any part of the body. I had one recently for a kidney stone.

What does BWYS mean.?
Be With You Scans

What are some methods to detect cancer?
Methods of detecting cancer include X-rays, thermography, ultrasound, MRI scans and PET scans.

What is the difference between a scanner and ink jet printer?
One scans and one prints. The scanner prints and the printer scans. Its confusing, but its correct.

Why are computed tomography scans used on the chest?
CT scans of the chest are useful in distinguishing tumors and in detailing accumulation of fluid in chest infections.

Why are CT scans used in chest studies?
CT scans of the chest are useful in distinguishing tumors and in detailing accumulation of fluid in chest infections.

How are CT scans and X-ray images different?
ct scans are used on animals and x rays are used mainly for humans

How are spinal cord injuries diagnosed?
The location and extent of spinal cord injury is determined with computed tomography scans (CT scans), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and x rays. X rays may be enhanced with an injected contrast dye.

What is a problem related to CT scans which is suitable for investigation. what i mean is in scientific term such as the effect of the temperature or the effect of the contrast agent?
This problem isn’t related to the computer tomograph (CT) scan itself, but to the ordering of a scan. It’s this one. The machine is really expensive. It costs a bomb. And lots of pressure is put on physicians to pay it off by using it. Most of the scans are paid for by health insurance companies and the government. How many extra scans are ordered when they aren’t really necessary so a clinic can get…

What is the purpose of scans?
the purpose of scans are to detect things and understand them in a better way. It is kind of like an x-ray.have you ever heard of a cat scan?a cat scan is when they look at your skull. Most of the time scans refur to health. They can also have somthing to do with science or technology.

For what reason would a body scan be given?
Full body scans, also known as CT scans, or computed tomography scans, are generally done on individuals that have no symptoms or suspicions of disease. They are marketed as a preventative healthcare measure, but some healthcare officials advise against them.

How can doctors tell what area of the brain I’m using?
PET scans or fMRI scans can indicate which portions of the brain are active at given points in time.

Why are computed tomography scans used on the aorta?
CT scans can focus on the thoracic or abdominal aorta to locate aneurysms and other possible aortic diseases.

Do the risks outweigh the benefits for a ct scan?
The devil is in the details. CT scans can and do save lives. CT scans can and do cause cancer. The appropriate use of the CT scan is safe and effective in modern healthcare. The inappropriate use of CT scans is a major public health concern.

Why are CT scans used in aorta studies?
CT scans can focus on the thoracic or abdominal sections of the aorta to locate aneurysms and other possible aortic diseases.

What more complex brain scans would probably follow an EEG to help a person with migraine seizures?
fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans

What are MUGA scans used for?
MUGA scans are used to calculate ejection fraction (an important measure of heart performance) and evaluate regional myocardial wall motion

What might happen if everyone over the age of 40 had MRI scans?
Nothing would happen. Lots of money would be made by the hospitals and the insurance companies would drop of us because we would have pre existing conditions.

How does magnetism help to detect cancer?
Personally, I have no experience. However, I have heard that MRI scans (and other types of scans) are used to detect cancer. Obviously, one of these scans is enforced by magnetism. PS If you want to hear more great answers from me, then email me at My brain is bulging!

How good is webroot antivirus software?
Very effective. I’ve been using it for about 3 months. Super fast scans, seriously scans my laptop in about 1 minute.

What precautions must precede a craniotomy?
Before the operation, the patient will have undergone diagnostic procedures such as computed tomography scans (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans

What are the disadvantages of scanner?
Scans copyright documents…

Are repeated cat scans dangerous?
yes they are

What are the Uses of physics in medicine?
* Making ions for radiotherapy * Discovery and use of xrays * Diagnostics of bone damage from collisions * CAT scans * MRI scans * plus many more

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