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where to buy wood near me

where to buy wood near me

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MegaWood offers pellets that are a compressed form of woody biomass used as an eco-friendly, wood logs for sale low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Where to buy wood near me as a source of renewable energy wood pellets provide the ultimate, sustainable, high quality and price stable fuel so order wood online.

Our raw materials come from sustainable woodlands that are owned and managed by our partners who are certified Master Loggers as well as clean wood chips and sawdust from a network of sawmills.

Where to buy wood pallets, this unique ownership arrangement is critical in this business. We have a secure year round source for our raw materials that allows for a consistent high quality end product and stable pricing. In fact, wood logs for sale we are able to offer multi-year contract pricing to large accounts.

Lean Burning

Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel,  furthermore order wood online.

High Heat

Where to buy wood near me, with substantially higher BTU value per cubic foot, pellets produce more heat.

Low Ash

A 40-pound bag of Michigan Wood Pellets produces only 3 ounces of ash. Also, firewood for sale near me.

Cash Efficient

Pellets are more efficient than cordwood. Moreso, wood logs for sale due to their vastly lower moisture content.


Cleaner & Safer Fuel

We deliver on our promise: Wood Energy Everywhere® 

Now, it’s easier to have the best quality services. To meet our customers needs, firewood for sale near me we constantly improve and deliver on our promise. We constantly monitor our services:

Energy service uptime 97%
Wood Pellets 91%
Firewood for sale near me 86%

Product Categories

We sell pellets in 40 pounds bags by the ton or by the truckload and we also sell pellets in bulk. Our pellets contain less than 1% Ash, firewood for sale near me Less than. Where to buy wood pallets 5% Fines and Less than 8% Moisture.



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Eucalyptus Boards/ Lumber

Eucalyptus Boards/ Lumber

For specifications and other details, wood pellets & Eucalyptus, please Contact us.

firewood for sale near me


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wood shaving

Wood Shavings

Wood Shavings is made from sawdust. For specifications and other details, please Contact us.

wood pellets

Wood Pellets

Made from sawdust furthermore, wood pellets for sale. For specification, please Contact us.

Wood Logs

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Wood Pellets

What can you expect from using wood pellet fuel? It’s simple; clean burning, cost-efficient heating for your home.

Wood pellets are a significantly more sustainable choice than propane, standard electricity or kerosene, and far more convenient than firewood..

If you are looking for the best wood fuel – this is the place! We offer a wide range of wood pellets for sale at affordable prices.

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environmental care

Sustainability matters

Wood pellets are a renewable energy source, where to buy wood near me with zero net contribution of greenhouse gases.  Wood pellets are one of many fuel products classified as bio-fuel, which is considered the only sizeable alternative to fossil fuel in the short and medium term. They benefit the environment and burn cleaner than nonrenewable fossil fuels.  As a biomass fuel, pellets offer the advantages of sustainable energy supplies through renewable raw materials.

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